Wooden Doors

Wooden doors

Wood is used for both exterior and interior doors and one of it's undying features is the natural beauty that it offers.

One of the key advantages of wooden doors is security. Wooden doors are incredibly strong, and developments in their design and construction over their hundreds of years of manufacture mean they also last a very long time.

Wood can endure drastic temperature changes and provides exceptional insulation.

With wood you have the choice of many different species and various stain colors. Their versatility means they can be tailored (in size, wood-type and design) specifically to your home and aesthetic, and because no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, you end up with a front door that is completely unique to you. Other benefits of wood include the ability to repair minor damage like nicks and scrapes. Wood doors also have a more high-end look, particularly when they're stained to show off the beauty of the wood grain. The benefits of timber doors mean that whether you prefer light wood, dark wood, painted surfaces, tight grain, wide grain, simplicity or intricate design work, everything is possible!

Wooden sliding doors

Sliding doors are very popular and contemporary. ...
A great advantage of these doors is that the opening can be dramatically wide in comparison with standard doors. The panels of the lift & slide doors don't interfere with furniture or walking areas, since they run parallel to the wall.

Sliding doors have various benefits over normal doors. They are energy efficient, heat resistant, as they don't allow the heat to enter from gaps in between. If you want to create a flow of natural light throughout your home, glazed sliding doors will give you a bigger area of glass to allow more light through. Not only is this a great way to brighten up your home, it’ll give the illusion of more space.

Sliding doors allow you to create different zones in your space, without shutting areas off completely.

Wooden folding doors

Compared to sliding doors, bi-folding doors open entirely whereas sliders can only open over half of the overall door space. Since folding doors are made up of several panels, they also typically have more locking points and make it easier to install blinds. There is also no threshold as they are flush with the floor making them automatically barrier-free whereas sliding doors have to be additionally configured to be so. Folding doors, can open all in one direction, in the middle, or in both directions.

Timber folding doors create a warm elegant look when closed and huge uninterrupted spaces when opened. Easily extend your living room into the garden with doors that practically disappear.